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Meet The Caprock Dive Team

TEXAS DIVE CENTER was established in August 2012 with the aim of providing high quality service to the scuba diving community within west Texas and eastern New Mexico. As a SSI Diamond Instructor Training Center, TEXAS DIVE CENTER has gained not only the respect from the industry locally, but now has a long-standing reputation worldwide. As one of Texas's premier scuba diving facilities, we offer quality service for the recreational, technical and professional diving community.

With exclusive deals in the Bay Islands of Honduras, Philipines, Belize, Mexico, Fiji, and Chuunk, we guarantee you the best diving , not only in the U.S., but all around the world.

With over 50 years of dive experience, we guarantee the highest standards of quality in terms of teaching, safety and services. All our rental equipment is renewed every 2 years, to guarantee you comfort and safety (come see if we have any in our discount room for sale).

So start your Adventure with us today, get diving and change your life. Our dynamic team is here to assist you step by step...What are you waiting for?

John Miller


John is a retired U.S. Army LtCol, Master Scuba Instructor, and SSI Instructor Trainer. He started Texas Dive Center to provide the best scuba services, training and adventures in the region. He is a professional instructor with SSI, DDI, PADI, and SDI/TDI/EDRI agencies. He first started diving in Maine with a YMCA certification to do search and recovery and ice diving. He is also a Scuba Pro Expert Equipment Technician as well as being manufacturer trained for TUSA, Oceanic, Cressi and Ocean Technology Systems (OTS) full face masks service and repairs. John is a DOT cylinder re-tester for hydro static testing of cylinders.

Janean Sproul

SSI Open Water Instructor

Janean and her husband Michael are SSI Instructors who travel the world with our Dive Team and enjoy teaching others the sport of diving. She is a dynamic U/W photographer - Mike has gone broke getting her new cameras and strobe upgrades.

Michael Sproul

SSI Open Water Instructor

Michael and his wife Janean joined our dive team as open water students and never looked back after being bitten by the scuba bug. This year the both earned their Instructor ratings. They've gone diving on both sides of the continent. Naturally all their kids are certified divers as well.

Sara Moore

With over 1000 logged dives, Sara has dived all over the world several times. A fantastic underwater photographer, she and Janean teach underwater photo/video courses for us in addition to most levels of entry diving. A lawyer by trade, she has the patience of a green back turtle with our students.

Cindy Jones

Cindy also has over 1000 logged dives around the world several times. She does a great job with our junior open water dive students, enjoying passing her excitement for diving along to new divers, both young and old.