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Nitrox Diver

Put another arrow in your dive quiver with the Nitrox Specialty Certification. No dives are required, just acquiring the knowledge to dive safety.

Advanced Adventurer Diver

Move up from Open Water Diver with your Advanced Adventure Diver course. You will acquire more knowledge and improve your dive skills.. This course is offered monthly so you can complete on your schedule and any required classroom or pool time can be accommodated on your schedule, but your open water dives must be scheduled with your instruction. or our Director of Training.

Diver Stress & Rescue

The SSI diver rescue course isn't designed to make you a Public Safety Diver - just give your the knowledge and skills to safely handle a diver incident or accident. It makes you a better dive buddy and will be the most rewarding course you ever take.

Aug 4
Dive Site Exploration
Aug 8
Diver Stress & Rescue
Aug 10
Nitrox Diver