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Another Live-A-Board Sinks.
Imagine what it must be like to be enjoying yourself in a live-a-board salon or being comfortable below decks when suddenly your whole world is turned upside down. The windows become the floor, and the door, your only means of escape, is above your head and out of reach.

FOX 34 Interview 4/28/23 (YouTube)

12/22/22  Where has the year gone?

Well, it's not quite over yet and we are heading down to Cozumel on the 30th for a week of diving. We plan on getting in the water 15 minutes before the New Year and out 15 minutes into the New Year for a unique night dive that lasted two years. Wife and I will be diving with my good friends at Scuba Club Cozumel where I earned my PADI Diver Master rating years ago. Next door is Dive Paradise where the wife earned her Open Water card before that. They are both a PADI and SSI shop and specialize in helping Disabled Divers dive the reefs of Cozumel.

It has been a great year of teaching new customers to dive and others to advance their diving. Many thanks to all of you for supporting our dive training center and store. Without you as Dive Team Members the shop would not exist as it is not a money making business in West Texas. Special and many thanks to our dive professionals for all of their help throughout the year.

2023 hopefully will be good to all of us and give us the opportunities to pursue this passion of ours.




7/1/2021 Independence day has arrived - in more ways than you thought.

Our scuba diving opportunities are becoming more and more available to us this summer. Dive destinations are becoming easier to reach but some have gotten worse, like Fiji where COVID is rearing it's ugly head. We head down to Cozumel on the 17th for a week, including a mid-week ferry trip across to the mainland to dive some Cenotes. We are looking at a trip to Roatan for the first week in October and then Bahamas next May. Meanwhile classes/training is picking up. More important, if you own your own gear, bring it to us to check out and service before your next adventure. Most of our manufacturers recommend at least every two years or 100 dives at most. More often if they see harsh environments. Be a safe diver, get it serviced and refresh your own dive knowledge with a refresher course or work on bumping your skills up a level.

2/1/2021 Feb has arrived, along with more COVID restrictions.
Our scuba diving opportunities are becoming more and more limited due to cold weather and travel restrictions. Dealing with mandates of negative tests prior to departure and now prior to return makes it a gamble to travel outside the U.S. for any reason. Possibilities of being quarantined on arrival or even departure is a roll of the dice for many. But even using a dive boat in the U.S. now requires you to board and disembark wearing a COVID mask. U.S. Coast Guard rules even require the mask when doing a surface interval on commercial scuba boats.

1/1/2021 We wish you a very Happy New Year and hope you can soon head for your favorite dive destination.

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Learn how to use the various tools in the app HERE. When going through the ap, anywhere you see RED letters click there to see a sample page on the topic.


Nassau, Bahamas Trip Report
November 14-21, 2020
Going again in May 2022

22 people from various parts of the country obtained negative Covid19 tests to obtain a Bahamian
health Visa permit to enter the country. We were picked up at the airport and taken to the Aqua Cat
for a week of scuba diving south of Nassau. We lost two days of diving due to weather so my lesson learned
was if you plan on doing a night dive don't put it off.

The other lesson was even though everyone was tested negative 5 days prior as required by the Bahama government, someone still managed to bring the virus with them and pass it along to others. Many tested positive on getting home after some reported being sick.

We were limited to dive sites that the weather would permit the the boat to get into therefore my assessment of the diving is below what I had expected. For the most part barren reefs. As a avid underwater camera diver I was disappointed.

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