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Do you see underwater images and wish you could be there? Do you want to travel and have new adventures? Becoming a certified scuba diver is the first step in a journey that will forever change the way you experience the world. You will explore the wonders of a weightlessness underwater world, interact with incredible marine life and discover ecosystems hidden beneath the surface.

Some of the best divers and Instructors in the region have learned to dive with us. Many went on to become professional Dive Instructors through us. Learning to dive is much easier than you think and the best way to experience this amazing new sport is through our scuba programs. Go to SSI Account and enroll right now for free (be sure to pick Texas Dive Center Inc); download the "MySSI" App on your smart device; and enroll in your course(s). Undecided? Set up your account (it's free), download the Ap (it's free) and we will give you access to several free programs to try out at no expense!

If you want to dive anywhere you want, with anyone you want, the Open Water Diver program is your international certification to be part of an exclusive group of underwater explorers that most people only dream about becoming. Our training agency is recognized around the world and is wholly owned by Head Sports, manufacturers of outdoor sporting goods - not some hedge fund that is only interested in profits from their investments.

This globally-recognized certification program is the best way to begin your life-long adventure as a certified scuba diver. Personalized training is combined with in-water practice sessions with a professional scuba instructor to ensure you have the skills and experience required to become truly comfortable underwater. It isn't some quick ticket, but a comprehensive training program to help you become the safest scuba diver you can be. How long it takes really depends on you, but we will make every effort to help you reach your goal.

Open Water Divers are trained and certified to:

  • Dive to a maximum depth of 60 feet
  • Obtain air fills, rent or purchase scuba equipment and participate in other diving activities.
  • Continue your dive training and complete more advanced diver courses and certifications such as Nitrox, equipment and rescue specialty courses to go deeper or longer.

The Fun Part

The Open Water Diver certification opens the door on the underwater world for anyone who's thought that a course would be too difficult. Upgrade to Advance Diver whenever you are ready.  

What You Learn

All the basics of scuba diving through knowledge development utilizing state-of-the-art digital material at your own pace and schedule; a set of scuba skills in the pool that you'll master and use again during open water dives; and finally an appreciation for the underwater world that will keep you coming back for more bottom time every chance you get! During the course you'll cover material and practice skills related to topics such as:

  • Buoyancy skills including comfortable ascents and descents, and breathing underwater.
  • Staying warm underwater, streamlining your swimming skills and buddy diving techniques.
  • Diving environments and aquatic life you're likely to encounter.
  • Preventing common problems underwater.

The Scuba Gear You Use

Most importantly - with the exception of a timing device (or dive computer), mask, snorkel, fins and boots - we do not make you purchase equipment like safety tubes, clips, bags, defog logbooks, binders etc. You'll use all the basic scuba gear required by the training agencies but you will need to invest in your own timing device, mask, snorkel, fins and fin boots since these personal items are a lot more fun to use when they fit properly. And you won't have to pack a lot of extra dive gear or rent this stuff on your vacation dive trips. Our students get 10% off these items or anything in our store during their training. We will supply everything you need, with the exception of the above items already mentioned. We refer to this as the Total Diving System. Ask us how we can help you purchase a Total Diving System with your course and take 6 or 12 months to pay for it INTEREST FREE! We will also give you FIVE ecology specialty courses for FREE when purchasing your Total Dive System from us.

The Learning Materials You Need:

We offer a variety of home-study materials for the Scuba Diver - but prefer the SSI Digital Training Courses as they let you learn on your own schedule and not be stuck in a classroom for several nights on our schedule. Your diver materials provide a comprehensive overview of basic scuba diving skills, terminology and safety procedures. For each concept you'll read a description and watch a video demonstration, and take on-line quiz to test your comprehension. Once completed you will take a final written exam in our classroom, obtaining a 80% passing score. Once you're a certified diver, use the course materials as a reference guide for future diving adventures. You will always have access to the most current material at no cost.

For all your learning materials and equipment, contact TEXAS DIVE CENTER.


To take this course, you must be:

  • 15 years old (or 10 years old for Junior Scuba Diver certification).
  • Be medically qualified for recreational scuba diving
  • complete all of the required legal paperwork "on-line" so you have all the time you need to read and go over it.
  • and we appreciate payment using the purchase buttons on this page.

For more information about this or other courses have a chat with one of the TEXAS DIVE CENTER Team members.

This course is scheduled monthly and the pool work is conducted when the class has been filled. Contact us for a schedule which meets your needs.
Going to go out on a scuba boat to do your initial scuba adventure? Why not learn all about Boat Diving before you go? Learn more about the SSI Boat Diver Specialty. When taken with your Open Water Diver Course we offer it for just $75. Purchase both at the same time by clicking the button below: