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Repairs And Services Available In-house

There is an age limit on the regs we can service, primarily due to parts availability.
If you believe your regulator was built before 1996, please give us a call prior to bringing it to us. We service what we sell (Oceanic, TUSA, Scuba Pro and Mares). Other brands we may need to send to our contractor in North Carolina that we have used for over five years without any complaints. Our Scuba Pro Expert Technician is highly trained on all of our brands and is our DOT Hrdrostatic cyclinder re-tester and valve technician.

For annual service on regulators, we charge:

  • $35 per stage labor , plus service kit and any parts, for our normal 14 day service, or...
  • $45 per stage labor, plus service kit and any parts, for 8 to 13 day service, or
  • $50 per stage labor, plus service kit and any parts, for 3 to 7 day service, or...
  • $65 per stage labor, plus service kit and any parts, for 24 to 48 hour service.
For this, we completely disassemble the regulator and clean all of the parts as prescribed by the manufacturer. We then reassemble the regulator, replacing the warranty parts (typically this includes but may not be limited to, the filter, valve seats, and dynamic O-rings), and inspecting all of the components. Once reassembled, the regulator is put on our flow bench and tuned to the manufacturer's specifications for interstage pressures, flow rates, cracking pressure (inhalation effort) and exhalation effort.

Annual service for a BCD is the same as for a regulator stage.
For this, we disassemble and clean the inflator valve, dump valve, and overpressure valves, check all the straps and buckles, and do a comprehensive leak test.

If our location is convenient for you, scuba cylinder hydrostatic tests are $58. Visuals are $20, and air fills are include with the hydro. We are certified PSI Premier Facility and utilize their 18-point inspection protocol.

Tank tumble is $40 per tumbling session. Cylinder oxygen cleaning is $50. If your tank valve isn't worth the labor and parts to repair we will install a new valve at cost of the valve with no charge for labor.

We are fearlessly unafraid of offering advice. Don't hesitate to call if we might be able to be of help.