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The Pledge:

"As a Scuba Ranger and member of the diving community, I pledge to have fun, continue my diving education, protect the aquatic environment, dive responsibily, and participate in my community, my family and my future in a positive way."

Meet the Scuba Ranger Friends




What is Scuba Rangers?

The Scuba Rangers is not a one-time experience. It's mission is to involve children ages 8-12 in scuba diving so they can experience the excitement of water exploration. Our goal is for your child to develop a long-term affinity with the sport of diving by the time they are 12 years old. The intent is that when they become adults, and are making recreational decisions, they will retain the affinity for scuba diving and pursue it as their passion. Along the way, they are going to learn a deep appreciation for our ocean world and it's creatures.
Objectives of Scuba Rangers Clubs

We focus our energy and resources on accomplishing these five objectives for your child:

1. Making kids comfortable and confident at diving in a pool environment.

2. Making kids want to return to the Club for fun activities.

3. Making kids want to introduce their friends to the Scuba Rangers Club.

4. Reinforcing Ranger Values.

5. And most importantly, HAVING FUN!

The SSI Scuba Rangers Program offers a club (Caprock Divers) for your young divers that provides numerous diving activities for children ages 8 - 12 after their initial training. Safety is a top priority and Scuba Ranger programs are only taught by specially trained instructors (with criminal history background checks) in a pool, or under confined water conditions in a protected area up to a maximum depth of 15 feet (our pool is 4, 5, and 12 feet deep). They will earn the Scuba Rangers recognition rating and then be eligible for more training and recognition.

How Does It Work?

The SSI Scuba Rangers Program is a club that offers numerous diving activities for children ages 8 - 12. Safety is a top priority and Scuba Rangers programs are only taught by specially trained instructors in a pool, or under confined water conditions in a protected area up to a maximum depth of 5 meters. You will earn the Scuba Rangers recognition rating. The young diver can even take the full scuba diver course at age of 10 and a portion of his or hers Scuba Ranger fees will be applied.

Course Curriculum Details:

Class 1 – Red Rangers review swimming skills and learn how to snorkel with a mask, a snorkel and fins. Red Rangers learn surface rescue skills like fin push and use of a safety ring and rescue hook. Red Rangers also learn to free dive from the surface.

Class 2 – White Rangers learn the reasons for each piece of dive equipment and begin equipment assembly. White Rangers use BCDs, regulators, fins, masks, and wetsuits all sized accurately to their smaller frames – a critical step toward comfortable diving. During the White Rangers class, Rangers wear their equipment on the ledge, learning how to breath underwater.

Class 3 – Blue Rangers learn specific open water skills like regulator retrieval skills, mask-clearing, air-sharing, and taking off and putting on their BCDs underwater. Blue Rangers are expected to demonstrate neutral buoyancy through fin pivot, “budha position,” and threading the obstacle course.

Class 4 – Silver Rangers learn about marine life and ocean activities in the classroom. In the pool, Silver Rangers practice their skills to demonstrate to instructors, family members and friends.

Class 5 – DEMO Rangers show off their skills to parents, other family members, and friends who can watch underwater on scuba or snorkeling gear. In the Denver Divers’ pool, your child will show you what he or she has learned. DEMO Rangers even graduate underwater!

Make sure you stay for the party. This is a very fun graduation!


Minimum Age: 8
Certification Prerequisites: None
Academic Sessions: Manual and DVD completed at home
Pool Sessions: 5 x 2 hr each
Open Water Dives: None
Maximum Training Depth: 15 feet (pool is 4, 5, & 12 feet deep and heated)
Duration: 14 hours Total to get to Demo Ranger, then there are additional programs.

PROGRAM COST PER CHILD: $290 plus $60 for course material = $350

Because of the equipment-intensive nature of this program, as well as the special instructors (all with Texas Criminal History Checks) required to teach it, the program cannot be inexpensive. However, the value received in solid water training and development of personal responsibility and positive community interaction is exceptional. Did we already mention IT IS FUN!

Here is a breakdown of expenses encountered by each ranger:

  • Each Ranger must provide his or her own snorkel kit and we have specially priced Ranger Kits for them. Decent quality snorkeling gear will start at around $60 and we offer them to our Scuba Rangers for just $50. Their home study kit includes their manual, log book, and training DVD. Course discount of $30 for each additional family member that enrolls as the training manual and DVD can be shared.
  • The total cost of the initial course is $350, and includes their training kit, pool time, instructor fees, and all scuba equipment for five 2-hour training sessions. Parents are welcome to attend as well as to work with their kids and their material at home. Open Water certified parents are encouraged to participate, space permitting (need their own gear or rent from us).

After completing the Demo Ranger level, students can become Scuba Ranger Club members ($50 year) and receive an official membership card. Kids become part of a network of Scuba Rangers, who can then swim together, talk about scuba, and go on field trips to aquariums or movies about ocean life. Scuba Rangers may then also specialize and learn many different types of scuba diving Specialties and earn their Scuba Ranger Intermediate, Advanced and Master Ranger certifications.

Continuing Ranger Club training and other activities are typically charged at $30 per (hr) event, depending on the activity.This covers use of pool, scuba equipment, and leader fees. Such events are for advancement training beyond Demo Ranger. Parent led non-diving club events are at no cost other than child’s expenses covered by their parents for the event, e.g. movie tickets etc. Parents are encouraged to sponsor club events.