Dive Club Membership
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We have special financing for your major purchases and training. Train in your own Total Diving System today.

Dive Club Membership

The following list illustrates the savings you will enjoy and describes the program in more detail. Once you understand all of the benefits and realize it’s just like a health club membership of only $20 per month - you will see that it is truly a “no brainer”. Special family membership (max 4 divers) for just $35.00 per month. Pay in advance for the year and get TWO MONTHS FREE.

Ask your dive Instructor or a dive shop staff member to start your enrollment today so that your savings and benefits begin right away!

Check out our program benefits:

  • Free Unlimited Air Fills – $15 savings value
  • Free Tank Rentals (2 per visit) – $40 value
  • Free Annual Visual Tank Inspections – $20.00 value
  • 50% Off Tank Hydro Pressure Tests – $30 value
  • Free Regulator Inspection * (1st, 2nd stage & Octo) – $40.00 value
  • Free BCD Inspection *  – $40 value
  • Free DAN Membership ** (Divers Alert Network) – $35 value
  • Free Try Diving for family and friends
  • Free Snorkeling Certification for family and friends.
  • Great Discounts on gear and accessories (1 set/yr) – 20%
  • 50% Off all Rental Gear (Includes Cameras & Dry Suits) 
  • Early Bird Dive Trip Discounts for Members – Up to $75 value
  • Free Specialty Certification on trips (Text is required) 
  • Free Admission to all team sponsored events incl boat dives– $50 value
  • Free Dive Team Newsletter – Priceless
  • Advance and/or team member only sale notices

* No charge for labor, just pay for any parts and service kits for annual maintenance.
** While enrolled in any dive training course