Exposure Protection
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Exposure Protection


Wet Suits


Boots, Hoods, Gloves etc

Dry Suits


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Scuba Pro Ice Channel Flow UPF-50 (Men's)


Scuba Pro Mermaid Rash Guard (Women's)


Scuba Pro Oneflex Steamer 3MM (Women's)


Scuba Pro Oneflex Steamer 5MM (Men's)


Scuba Pro Oneflex Steamer 5MM (Women's)


Scuba Pro Pink Mermaid Rash Guard (Women's)


Scuba Pro Rash Guard (Men's)


Scuba Pro Rebel Gloves 1.5 (Kids - L/XL)


Scuba Pro Sport Steamer 5MM (Women's)


Scuba Pro Sport Steamer 7MM (Men's 2018)


Scuba Pro Sport Steamer 7mm (Mens)


Scuba Pro Sport Steamer 7MM (Women's 2018)


Scuba Pro Tropic Gloves 1.5MM


Scuba Pro Zipped Channel Flow Rash Guard (Women's)


Scuba Pro Zippered Channel Flow Rash Guard (Women's)


ScubaPro Base Dive Boot 4MM

$46.00 - $51.00

ScubaPro Deck Sole Boot 5MM


ScubaPro Delta Dive Boot 5MM


ScubaPro Delta Short Boot 3MM


ScubaPro Everflex Boot 5MM


ScubaPro Heavy Duty Short Boot 3MM


ScubaPro Heavy-Duty Boot 6.5MM


ScubaPro Hybrid Sock 2MM




TUSA Imprex 3MM Dive Slipper




WaterProof 3MM Tropic Wetsuit (Men's)


WaterProof W4 5MM Backzip (Mens)


WaterProof W4 7MM Backzip (Mens)


WetSox Camo Skin 1MM Flex Top


Wetsox Layer One Hybrid Tee (50+ UPF)


Wetsox Layer One Long Sleeve Tee (UPF 50+)


Wetsox Layer One Rash Guard (UPF 50+)


WETSOX Originals (Round Toe)


WETSOX Originals (Split Toe)


WetSox Suit Skin 1MM Flex Top


WetSox Suit Skins 1MM Shorts (Black)


WetSox Therms (Round Toe)


XS Scuba Beefy Socks (One Size Fits Most)


XS Scuba Lycra Socks (One Size Fits All)


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