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We have special financing for your major purchases and training. Train in your own Total Diving System today.

Life Support

Purchasing from us offers these added benefits:

  • Authorized dealer
  • Our community involvement for you and your Family
  • Local Disabled Veteran Small Business
  • Escorted International Dive Travel
  • Equal or better pricing
  • Availability of in-store-only manufacturer promotions
  • Hands-on evaluation and fitting
  • Proper assembly by manufacturer technicians
  • Personalized fitting and counseling
  • Lifetime Warranty activation (when applicable)
  • Parts-for-Life enrollment (when applicable)
  • Priority on future service and repair
  • In-Store available financing with NO INTEREST for 6 or 12 months.

Thank you for supporting your local disabled veteran owned store


Dive Computers



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Buddy Phone for OTS Guardian FFM


Garmin Descent MK1 Dive Computer


Garmin Descent MK1 Dive Computer Titanium


Hydros Pro BCD w/BPI (Men's)


Hydros Pro w/Air2 White (Women's)


Mares BlueLink Pro Interface


Mares Bolt SLS BCD


Mares EPIC ADJ 82X DIN Regulator


Mares EPIC ADJ 82X Regulator


Mares EPIC ADJ Octopus


Mares Genius Dive Computer


Mares Genius Dive Computer w/LED Tank Module


Mares Loop 15X Regulator


Mares Loop Octopus


Mares Magellan BCD


Mares Prestige SLS Blue


Mares Prestige SLS White


Mares Puck Pro+ Dive Computer

$269.95 $301.00

Mares QUAD AIR W/LED Transmitter


Mares QUAD Dive Computer




Mares SMART AIR Dive Computer


Mares SMART Dive Computer


Mares SPG52 15CM MIFLEX Pressure Gauge


Oceanic OceanPro QLR3


Scuba Pro 2-Gauge In Line Dive Console (PGpsi DGft)


Scuba Pro G2 Console w/QR


Scuba Pro G2 Wrist Dive Computer Complete


Scuba Pro Galileo HUD Sport w/o Transmitter


Scuba Pro Galileo HUD Sport w/Transmitter


Scuba Pro Galileo Luna HF Complete Dive Computer


Scuba Pro Galileo Sol HF + Transmitter


Scuba Pro Hydros PRO Color Kit


Scuba Pro Litehawk BCD w/BPI


Scuba Pro MK11/C370


Scuba Pro MK17 EVO / G260


Scuba Pro MK21/S560


Scuba Pro MK25 EVO / G260


Scuba Pro MK25 EVO / S600


Scuba Pro MK25 EVO/G260 DIN


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