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Mares EPIC ADJ Octopus


Who is the Mares Epic Octopus for?

The high flow air Mares Epic Octopus is for those looking to add on to there Mares Epic 82X regulator. It offers easy, clean breathing in most water environment including cold water. This octopus is designed with safety features such as it being highly visible, this is so it can easily be located by the diver or a buddy even in poor lighted waters. This octopus is for any diver looking to upgrade their Mares Epic 82X regulator.

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Key Benefits

  • Pair With Epic 82X Regulator - The Epic octopus is designed to fit the Epic 82X regulator, so if you are looking to dive with a buddy or want and extra piece of equipment for safety then the octopus is a great add on.
  • Twin Power System - The Twin Power System is a feature which allows you to adjust the amount of air needed. This is a great modern feature to give you more control.
  • Adjustable Breathing Comfort - The Epic Octopus includes adjustable breathing controls which allows you to adjust the amount of effort to breath. This is to reduce the struggle to breath whilst exploring the ocean.
  • Pneumatically Balanced Second Stage - When diving at various depths the Epic Octopus balanced valve provides pressure which gives you smooth inhalation.
  • Wide Pivoting Purge Button - This octopus features a purge button which is easy to use even with thick diving gloves on.
  • Superflex Hose - The highly visible superflex hose is flexible and extremely easy to see in even the worst light when under water. The hose being highly visible is a very important feature for an octopus as it is easy to see for a diver or a buddy.
  • Cold Water Use - This octopus is designed to work in cold water as well as warm water. Mares have designed this octopus with all divers and diving environments in mind. So you can use this octopus on your diving holidays or whilst diving at home.



  • MARES CODE: 416550

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