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D-Mask w/Comfort Strap

True color UV protective lenses offer protection from UV light on the surface without affecting colors under water.
Interchangeable lens system makes it easy to install optional optical lenses.
Available with a choice of skirts to suit a variety of face shapes.
Rotating buckles work with a new black-on-black Comfort Strap to optimize range of motion and achieve a comfortable, watertight fit.
Included in the durable molded fabric box: mask delivered with blue mask frames, all black colored frames, a HUD hands-free dive computer mount and an all-black Comfort Strap.
Optional lenses available: Optical lenses (6x positive +1.5 to +4.0/8x negative -1.5 to -5.0); Bi-Focus lenses (3x positive +1.0 to +3.0).

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