Indigo Industries TAC Non-Military Fin
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Indigo Industries TAC Non-Military Fin


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Indigo offers a modular approach to fin technology. Our fin designs allow divers to alternate between boot and bare foot, the ability to change the stiffness of the fin for greater control and the ability to customize the look of the fin with six color options. All stiffener colors are available in soft, and medium. Discover your perfect fin set up with Indigo. The TAC is the optimum combination of size and with for unprecedented performance. Modeled its military counterpart, the TAC fin provides superior thrust and maneuverability.


  • Ultra Hight Performance Fin
  • The wide tips slash through the water with optimal thrust
  • The shorter length reduces the overall strain on your legs
  • This agile fin design allows for quick transitional change in direction
  • Excellent ravel fin
  • Fits into a carry one bag
  • Hot Selling Fin in 2019