Mares Ergo Dry Snorkel
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Mares Ergo Dry Snorkel

Exclusively engineered, The Mares New Ergo Ergonomic Dry Snorkel improves scuba diving experience. Ergonomic shape easily fits the head side. Contoured design ensures efficient movement and effortless breathing for maximum comfort. With Hydrodynamic shape, the Dry Snorkel minimizes drag on and under the water surface. It features a ribbed flex silicone lower tube that allows using different angles. Even if there is snorkel knocking onto the regulator, Mares New Ergo Ergonomic Dry Snorkel does not get disturbed. With snorkel keeper, it is easy to adjust in different positions. The Dry Snorkel mouthpiece has a valve for quick and easy clearing.


  • Fully Functional Design

  • Exhaust Valve Clears Easily

  • Superior-Quality Silicone Mouthpiece & Corrugated Tube

  • Perfect for Snorkeling & Scuba

  • 100% Dry Snorkel Top

  • Easy-to-Adjust Snorkel Keeper

  • Improves Snorkeler’s & Scuba Divers’ Performance

  • Contoured Hydrodynamic Tube Shape Minimizes Drag

  • Easy to Replace Mouthpiece Design

  • Curved Comfortable Mouthpiece

  • Purge Valve

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