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Galileo HUD w/SMART+PRO Transmitter


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Scubapro's new heads-up display computer will have you doing a double take. The Heads-Up Display (HUD) computer attaches to any double lens mask and displays all relevant dive data and quick view compass in a simple digital screen. While the HUD isn't for everyone it can be especially useful for underwater photographers and videographers not wanted to disrupt their shot by constantly looking at depth and no decompression limits. The HUD also has use in technical and military diving where it will see its biggest success. There's never been anything like it. The new Galileo HUD is a massive leap forward in computer diving that will forever change the way you dive. This new-to-the-dive-world technologically-advanced computer offers a heads-up display that is mounted on a dive mask. Delivering excellent readability along with hands-free data monitoring, with the introduction of the Galileo HUD, Scubapro engineers have created a user experience unlike anything previously seen in diving. This one comes with the new and smaller Smart+Pro transmitter.



  • Heads up display is the future of dive computers.

  • Displays all relevant data and quick view compass in simple digital screen.

  • Display can be turned off when not in use.

  • 3 Displays provide the following: depth, total dive time, leg timer, compass, water temperature, local time, maximum depth and battery voltage.

  • Ideal for underwater photographer and videographers, military divers and public safety divers.

  • Air-integrated dive computer that mounts to any double lens mask.

  • Multi-gas diving with us to 8 Trimix gases.

  • Integrated GPS with full-tilt compass allows for easy navigation.

  • Hands free monitoring of pressure, gas and other dive data.

  • Smart+Pro Transmitter only needs to be paired with your computer once.

  • Wireless transmitter estimates your pressure and displays it with LED light blinking and colored signals.

  • Runs on a user-replaceable CR2450 lithium battery; lasts 3 years or 150-200 dives.




  • Lightweight (neutrally buoyant) and easily mountable to a diving mask.

  • Hinge mechanism allows you to easily flip up the HUD when not in use.

  • Intuitive menu structure and push-wheel interface makes for effortless navigation through the system.

  • Mask mount is compatible with a number of current SCUBAPRO masks.

  • Full-color OLED 96x64p display lets you select DEFAULT, Tec, or Retro color configuration.

  • Choice of 2 algorithms: Predictive Multi-Gas Buhlmann ZH-L 16 ADT MB PMG or ZH-L 16 GF.

  • PMG algorithms offer Micro-bubble levels and Profile Dependent Intermediate Stops (PDIS).

  • Selectable dive modes: SCUBA, Gauge, Apnea and CCR.

  • Trimix and Nitrox compatible, with advanced CCR functionality.

  • Up to 8 selectable gases in SCUBA mode, plus 8 selectable diluent gases and 2 set points for CCR diving.

  • Compatible with the SCUBAPRO Smart+Pro transmitter for hose-less tank pressure monitoring.

  • Provides true remaining bottom (RBT) based on the workload from breathing.

  • 3D full-tilt digital compass allows you to store 3 pre-programmed headings.

  • Includes built-in GPS for surface navigation.

  • Maximum Operating Depth: 394ft/120m.

  • Rechargeable battery provides up to 27 hours of dive time per charge in Power Save mode.

  • 2GB memory stores 10,000 hours of diving.

  • Download data via Bluetooth or USB cable. Compatible with Apple and Android devices using LogTRAK.

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