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LUNA 2.0 Air Integrated

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    • Wireless Air Integration: Monitor tank pressure effortlessly and receive accurate remaining bottom time (RBT) calculations based on breathing workload.
    • Thin and Comfortable Design: Slim profile with an oil-filled plastic housing for reliable performance and exceptional comfort during dives.
    • Large Modern Widescreen Display: High contrast black/white LCD with large characters for easy reading at various depths.
    • Intuitive Two-Button Interface: Simple navigation system aided by clearly marked screen prompts for easy operation.
    • Customizable Dive Settings: Choose between ADT and GF algorithms, enjoy 100% nitrox compatibility, and select from three gasses for open circuit diving.
    • Multiple Dive Modes: Scuba, Apnea, and Gauge modes available for versatile diving experiences.
    • PDIS and Microbubble Levels: Selectable PDIS (Profile Dependent Intermediate Stops) and six Microbubble levels for personalized decompression settings.
    • Optional Integrated Heart Rate Monitor: Track heart rate and skin temperature to stay within your target zone for maximum safety and enjoyment during dives.