Roatan Dive Trip
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Roatan Dive Trip

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7 Night dive (6 days of diving) trip to Roatan, Honduras is planned for March 2-9th, 2024. At least one group house with 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and everything else and your choice of either 10, 12, or 15 tank dive package is built into the price. What isn't included in the price is your transportation there and back, share of rental vehicle cost, food, Hon 15% taxes, and equipment rentals or incidentals. We will eat out for supper at least two nights. The group will share the cost of stocking the kitchen with food and drinks and for two rental vans for our transportation on island.

Your dive gear will be loaded and assembled for you each day of diving and removed, rinsed, air dried and securely put away for the night by the dive shop staff so tips are encouraged at the end of the week. We've used this shop at least once each year for the past 10 years and there is a 5BR lodging above it if we need additional space for more divers. We need everyone to select and purchase their dive package now so we can inform the staff and give them time to schedule resources to take care of us.

A night dive is available as a option for an additional $55 and not included in your tank package.
A shark dive is available for an additional $125 and not included in your tank package. The shark dive operator is the only one on Roatan and schedules divers with each shop on the island.

We will dive the Prince Albert and the Mr. Budd at some point during the week. Both are recreational level dives and our Director of Training will be available to certify anyone wishing to earn their Wreck Diver Specialty or Advance Wreck Diver. Why not considered earning some other specialties while on the trip? Just talk to John to be prepared.

Call or email us for more information or to answer your additional questions.
We will need this van and perhaps a pickup for all the luggage and dive gear, sharing the cost.

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Roatan Dive Trip

$300.00 - $825.00