Black Light Cannon eLED (l-1) w/NIMH Bty/Chg - copy - 0032705446722
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Black Light Cannon eLED (l-1) w/NIMH Bty/Chg - copy

Taking advantage of Under Water Kinetics patented optics technology that combines the light from three LEDs into a single, penetrating beam with minimal spill light, the Light Cannon L1 blows away the competition. Producing a massive 2100 lumens on High power mode, this light is bright enough to light up a reef on a night dive and maintain visibility of your surroundings in the darkness. It's also fantastic for exploring the interiors of wrecks, caves, or other hard to see areas.

  • Model: Light Cannon eLED - L1 Rechargeable
  • Dimensions: (L W H):
  • Battery Type: NiMH Rechargeable
  • Lamp Type: eLED
  • Lumens: 2,100 (high) / 900 (low)
  • Burn Time: 16 h / 20 h
  • Weight: 36.00 oz / 1.02 kg
  • Depth Rating: 500.00 ft 150 m
  • Uses a rechargeable airline safe NiMH Battery Pack - good for checked or carry-on baggage
  • Waterproof to 500 ft / 150 m
  • Triple high intensity LED array for maximum brightness
  • Patented cooling system keeps LEDs from overheating for maximum performance
  • Can be used with a pistol grip or lantern grip, or a video arm
  • Lanyard Included