Dive Guide Pro Course
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Dive Guide Pro Course

Minimum Age: 15 / 18 if active status
Certification Prerequisites: Diver Stress & Rescue certification,
40 logged Dives to start the program and 50 to earn certification along with
certification or equivalent experience in: Navigation, Night & Limited Visibility, and Deep Diving.
Academic Sessions: Mostly digital on line and some classroom
Pool/Confined Water Sessions: Varies but must have dive skills at Expert Level to earn certification.
Open Water Dives: As many as it takes to meet requirements.
Maximum Training Depth: 40 meters / 130 feet
Suggested Duration: 35 - 45 total hours depending on student's dive skills and efforts to complete.

Our program price includes all mandatory equipment packages required by our agency, including your Pro registration fee of $70.
With Science of Diving and 60 logged dives you automatically will earn the Pro Recognition of Dive Master.
Only Dive Masters and above serve as Certified Assistants for Instructors