Independent Diver Course
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Independent Diver Course

As divers we should always have a dive buddy. That being said:
•    Buddies wander off and end up too far away to help us in an emergency.
•    Buddies leave and get lost.
•    Divers are left alone and are immediately out of their comfort zone as a result.
•    This is not an acceptable situation so self-reliance is a good alternative

Solo diving is a natural progression for many types of div­ers: including photographers, videographers, and those who choose to travel alone rather than with a group. The skills taught during this course are naturally applicable in the event of an emergency when diving as part of a buddy team and graduates from an our Solo Diver course make better, more comfortable and more skillful divers.

Dive masters, instructors, public safety divers, and others often find themselves too far from their dive buddy - or out of necessity they are diving alone. The knowledge development through the course is obtained through Scuba Divers International (SDI) digital eLearning system to build on your knowledge. Then you will complete a series of confined and open water dives with our Master Instructor to earn this coveted certification.

Requirements:18 years of age

  • Proof of 100 logged dives (75 if a Dive Master or Master Diver)
  • Proof of a minimum of 5 logged dives or issued specialty cards in the following specialty areas: navigation, night and deep diving and hold a Rescue Diver specialty.