OWD Plus - Perfect Buoyancy
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OWD Plus - Perfect Buoyancy

Kick start your diver knowledge with this bundled package of knowledge development material for your Open Water certification and perfect your buoyancy at the same time to earn the Perfect Buoyancy certification.
The final exam for the Open Water Diver will be taken in our classroom and the Buoyancy examination is accomplished on-line at the end of the digital course.

While you are taught the basics of buoyancy in the Open Water course, divers never really perfect their buoyancy but always continue to work on it as their skills improve and equipment changes are made for their dives. The Perfect Buoyancy course will help you better understand the effects of maintaining good diver trim and buoyancy.

The cost does not include the instructor portion or equipment needed for the dives. This is just the knowledge development portions for the certifications, the dive skills and required dives are not include, but this cost will be deducted from the full course fee.