Open Water Diver + 1 Ecology Specialty
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Open Water Diver + 1 Ecology Specialty

In today’s world, environmental protection has become a pressing concern. People are increasingly curious about how different ecosystems function and how living organisms adapt to their habitats. That’s where SSI Ecology programs come in. Designed to educate divers about the intricate marine life and ecosystems, these programs offer vital insights.

You already have FREE access to the SSI Blue Oceans digital material and can earn a Recognition Card for completing it. But do you want to know more about Sharks, Turtles, all the fish you will see, the coral that you will see and more? Then this special package lets you pick one of our SSI Ecology Programs to earn that Specialty along with your Open Water certification. By combining open water certification with our comprehensive ecology program, you are getting a holistic learning experience that delves into the wonders of marine life and the importance of protecting our oceans.

When you enroll, just let us know which one you choose and we will set it up for you.