Paralenz Vaquita - 191811000638
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Paralenz Vaquita

•New True Color OLED display - better viewing angle and contrast.
•Better quality footage: 1080p 240fps, 4k 60fps, smaller files, faster processor.
•Packed with sensors - Location, conductivity, temperature, depth, gyroscope, accelerometer.
•Super secure waterproof system - quick release coupling with triple o-rings.
•Take it deeper than the world record - down to 350m / 1150 ft.

12MP RAW + jpeg
4K at 60fps
4K HDR at 30 fps
1080p at 240fps
FOV (1/1.8”) D135° H110° V57° lens
Video format: MOV - H264 4K 60fps / H265 4K 30 fps
Video bitrate: 100 Mbps
Stabilization: EIS 4K 30 fps
Color Correction: WB + DCC
0.95” True Color OLED 180x120p
Live View (Viewfinder, Dive Profile Overlay)
WiFi 2.4G (5Ghz) Bluetooth

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