Spare Air 600 Nitrox DG
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Spare Air 600 Nitrox DG

  • If you dive Nitrox but want greater air capacity, the Model 600-N is the perfect addition to your Nitrox System.
  • Quick and easy refills from your own Nitrox SCUBA tank.
  • Package includes Spare Air, Holster, Safety Leash and Refill Adapter.
  • Provides twice the amount of air over the standard 3.0 cu. ft. Spare Air.
  • Refill your Spare Air in seconds from any full SCUBA tank.
  • Weighing under 4 lbs. - the lightest 6.0 cu. ft. system on the market.
  • Priced competitively compared to similar systems.


Maximum Capacity:   6.0 cu ft / 170 liters
Length:   13.5" / 34 cm
Diameter:   3.25" / 8.3 cm
Maximum Pressure:   3000 psi / 207 bar
Weight (full):   3.7 lb. / 1.7 kg
Surface Breaths:*   114
Water Volume:   54 cu in / .88 liters
MSRP:   $470.00
*Based on 1.5 liters per breath