TUSA X-Pert Z3 Zoom Fin - 685193452166
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TUSA X-Pert Z3 Zoom Fin

Over 5 years of research and development brought the highly regarded and best-selling SF-8 X-Pert Zoom split fin to market in 2003. TUSA redefines the fin market again with the introduction of the SF-15 X-Pert Zoom Z3. The X-Pert 3Z further improves upon the performance, features and design of the SF-8 with the incorporation of 3 materials, 10% longer blade length, enhanced propeller-fin technology, reinforced blade rails and optimized blade scoops. These new features along with TUSA's patented 27° angled blade design and EZ strap buckle system make the X-Pert Zoom Z3 The Fin for Divers!

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