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SSI Explorers Program
You’re about to join a global group of SSI Explorers as they learn about the marvels of the underwater world. As part of your experience, you will learn fascinating facts about our oceans as a Blue Oceans Explorer. You will also learn new skills and practice with new equipment as an SSI Snorkel Explorer. After finishing these programs, your next adventure is up to you!

Emma: " Our names are Emma and Nico, and these are our friends: Star the Starfish, Spike the Shark, and Shelly the Turtle. Star’s job is to give us the knowledge to become an Explorer. Spike will tell us all about the equipment we need to become an underwater Explorer. And Shelly will tell us all about the ocean environment. We are excited to have you join us on our next exploration."

Nico: " Did you know that all life originated from the ocean? It’s true. 50–80% of all life on earth lives in the sea, and 71% of the earth’s surface is covered by the ocean. This is why the earth looks blue from outer space. Even your body is about 60% water! This is why almost everybody likes to be in the water—it’s like coming home! Become an SSI Explorer and join us on our adventure through the world’s ocean. "

By becoming an SSI Explorer, you can:
  • Protect and defend the environment as a Blue Oceans Explorer.
  • Discover what’s below the surface of the water as a Snorkel Explorer.
  • Swim like an ocean mammal as a Mermaid Explorer.
  • Breathe and swim freely underwater as a Scuba Explorer.
  • Hold your breath and dive like a whale as a Free Diving Explorer.