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General Terms And Conditions For This Website


We conduct our operations to ISO standards for scuba instruction. Scuba diving is a relatively safe sport but like all sporting activities it has risks. Only with proper training and experience can you as a scuba diver help to reduce those risks.

Access to the Services

Texas Dive Center, Inc. is an approved dive training center not only for PADI - but for Scuba Schools International (SSI), SDI/TDI/ERDI agencies, and for the Disable Divers International (DDI) organization. To become a DDI Training facility we had to prove our operations were accesible to the disabled wishing to access our facility. We won't turn you away for a disability, but you will need medical clearance and we will adapt your training to your particular need.

Using our Services

All equipment services and repairs are completed following the manufacture's recommended methods using approved parts to maintain your warranty. Any equipment not picked up by the customer within 60 days of dropping it off to us for servicing is considered abandoned and becomes the property of Texas Dive Center and can be sold without notice by us to recoup our costs in repairing or servicing the equipment.

Customer understands that Texas Dive Center Inc. and its employees, owners, officers, or agents shall not be held liable or responsible in any manner for any injury, death, or other damages to Customer or his/her family, heirs or assigns which may occur as a result of use of the equipment after service or repair.

Texas Dive Center, Inc. is not responsible to differences in services, items, classes or other information on this website.