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The Wreck Diver Course with TEXAS DIVE CENTER

Whether sunk on purpose as an artificial reef or the result of mishap, wrecks open fascinating windows to the past. Most divers find wrecked ships, airplanes and even automobiles nearly irresistible because they’re intriguing to explore, exciting avenues of discovery, and usually teeming with aquatic life. The Wreck Diver course with Texas Dive Center teaches you the ins and outs of rewarding, responsible wreck diving.

The Fun Part

The fun part of the Wreck Diver course is visiting wrecks, unlocking mysteries and starting to gain the knowledge and experience that allows you to see things that others overlook. Sometimes, only the trained, experienced eye recognizes that a small hole or open door likely caused the vessel’s demise.

What You Learn

  • Techniques for diving exploring shipwrecks, and how to avoid common hazards
  • How to research and learn the background of your favorite wrecks
  • Wreck scuba diving equipment considerations
  • Considerations and techniques for entering intact wrecks
  • Experience in planning, organizing and making at least four wreck dives under the supervision of your Instructor.
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Your Next Adventure

Many shipwrecks are often found in deeper water. That’s why the Wreck Diver course is a natural companion to the Deep Diver course. Sometimes you can take these two specialties concurrently. Other training to consider is the Enriched Air Diver course on your way to Master Scuba Diver.

For more information about this or other courses have a chat with one of the TEXAS DIVE CENTER Team members.

Advanced Wreck Diver

SSI is happy to announce the release of a new Advanced Wreck Diving certification. The Advanced Wreck Diving program provides divers with the training necessary to independently plan and conduct limited penetration, no-decompression dives within the daylight zone, to a maximum depth or linear distance of 40meters/130 feet, and using specialized overhead environment equipment and procedures, with an equally- or- more-qualified buddy. The current SSI Wreck Diving digital student and instructor manuals as well as the cue cards and final exams have all been updated to include new content on Advanced Wreck Diving. The prerequisites to take the Advanced Wreck Diving Specialty

        Min age: 15 years old
        Be certified as an Open Water Diver
        Have logged at least 24 open water dives

There are two (2) pathways to becoming an SSI Advanced Wreck Diving certified.

  1. Register for the Advanced Wreck Diving Digital kit, complete all academic requirements, one (1) dry land session and four (4) open water training dives as outlined in the Wreck Diving Instructor manual.
  2. For divers with an SSI Wreck Diving certification; they must complete all additional academic requirements for Advanced Wreck Diving, one (1) dry land session and two (2) open water training dives as outlined in the Wreck Diving Instructor manual

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This course is scheduled on customer demand. Contact us for a schedule which meets your needs.